I read this book and while it is long, it is well paced and the ending is better than I could have imagined. I kept thinking, how can this end, and meet all the requirements from the characters? Well done! Looking forward to more from this author.KevinB

It all comes down to one thing when trying to save his people. “Dreamstone: A Dreamer Can Change the World If He Is Willing to Sacrifice His Reality” tells the story of one Joebin Vassiter, the leader of a group who are the only ones who can save his homeworld of Prothia from annihilation. Doubt lurks in his heart. He must find the dreamstone, or his people are doomed. “Dreamstone” is a science fiction adventure that fans of the genre will enjoy. Midwest Book Review

Moltaire, the greedy want- to-be ruler, Klonda, the slaver whose only interest is himself, Dahlia, the queen of the Atlomians, Joebin, the Dream Lord and his wife, Maldia are among the characters in P.A. Hendrickson’s “Dreamstone”, a sci-fi fantasy novel that is exciting. The people of Prothia live in a world of peace, until the slavers threatened to destroy their lives. Unknown to the people of Galnar, there are other inhabitants (the Atlomians) sharing their world. Together, they try and save their planet by strengthen and using the powers of the Dreamstone. Can dreams become reality? Is Joebin the true Dream Lord? With many plot twists, delightful characters and surreal worlds, the is debut novel is quite a ride!Vine Voice